Know Your Bra!

Written by: Madeleine

The one piece that is common across all women's wardrobes around the world is the bra. Even though most women wear one everyday, they don't know much about the styles, upkeep, and wear of the bra! I was totally shocked by this when I was rehired at a lingerie store this past fall. I guess because I have been with this company for so long, I thought everyone was educated about the bra! I've created a list below of 5 things that every woman should know about her bra!

1. Always clasp your bra one the loosest hook!
To ensure you get the most wear out of your bra, clasp the hook to the loosest eye. This way the band is not stretched excessively overtime, which can cause distortion to the cups and/or loosen the fitting of the band. It helps the bra retain its shape, so it can provide the proper support.

2. Know your complimentary size!
So you can't find your size or a particular style doesn't work well with your shape? Don't worry! Try your complimentary size! Since cup sizes are proportional to the band, you can find a similar fit to your true size. Simply change your band size and adjust for cup. If you go down a band size, then go up one cup size. Or if you go up a band size, go down a cup size. For example, if you are a 34B, you could also wear a 32C.

3. Try on every style!
Based on your breast shape, different styles like demi, perfect coverage, and push-up will fit you differently. So just because it is your size, doesn't mean it is going to fit correctly. If your breasts are fuller on the bottom, but not the top, opt for a demi style. This way you won't have any gapping in the cup and you will have the correct support. If you are full everywhere (or you've gotten your breasts done), try a perfect coverage; this will ensure you stay in the bra all day without slippage. Push-ups do work for everyone, especially if you need help filling out in some areas. However, sometimes you will have to go up a cup size to adjust for the volume!

4. One to wear, one to wash, one to have.
Every woman needs three basic bras in her wardrobe to start her collection. The idea behind this is that you should have one to wear, one that needs to be washed, and one to have on reserve. These bras should be black or nude, since they are the most versatile. Opposed to contrary belief, nude is the perfect color to wear under white because you won't see the cups of the bra. Sometimes when you wear a white bra under a white shirt, the cups of the bra are emphasized. Once you have the basic three, then you can expand your wardrobe to include more fun colors and styles. (Just be careful! I suddenly have 17 different bras!)

5. Get measured every 6 months!
Just how your weight fluctuates, so does your breast size. That is why you need to get measured frequently!