Cute and Sweet to Rocker Chic

Written by: Madeleine
In Collaboration with: Brittany

How to do rocker chic when you're cute and sweet!

November in northern California is absolutely perfect. The weather everyday has that fine balance of the warm summerlike sunshine and the crisp winter breeze. Therefore, sometimes finding that perfect fall outfit is difficult. My advice is to do easy layers, so you can add on and take off. Here, I started with  simple boyfriend tee. Since the tee is a little oversized, it can look sloppy. So here's a little trick that has been come to known as "The Brittany Tuck." Take the middle of the bottom of the shirt and tuck it in right behind button of the pant or middle of a skirt. Then carefully, pull at the tuck to loosen it. Add a skinny belt if there are belt loops. "The Brittany Tuck" creates an effortless, yet chic look and it takes only a few seconds for added style.

For this outfit, I transformed a plain tee by adding pieces that have other visual interest. I wanted to do a "rocker chic" look that still fit my style. Since I am not as edgy and hardcore as other fashionistas, I stuck to staple pieces that I already had in my closet and felt comfortable in. But, I added one bold piece, the leather jacket. It is important to still feel like yourself and not to get lost in your clothes.

Like Stacy and Clinton say, make sure your outfit has texture, pattern, color, and shine. For texture, I have my Paige denim jeans on with a leather jacket, juxtaposing distressed with smooth. On the jacket, there is a beautiful, yet subtle quilt pattern. Shine plays a factor through the small hints of jewelry like my necklace, watch, and bracelets. When you layer these visual elements, a cohesive outfit unfolds instantly.

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Jacket: Hinge
Shirt: Gibson
Denim: Paige, "Verdugo"
Shoes: Rachel Roy
Sunglasses: Prada