Locks to Louboutins

My hair is growing and I am in my first pair of Louboutins!
Boyfriend shirt: Madewell
Boyfriend distressed jeans: Zara
Fringed handbag: Leith available at Nordstrom
Louboutins: Nordstrom


4 Ways to Wear

This season is all about "safari luxe." It is all over magazines and it is what we stand for at work (Nordstrom) right now. I am kind of obsessed with the idea of making safari look chic. So here are some camo jeans from Nordstrom that I already wear way too much and I have so many more ways to style them, these are just a few! I paired these with leopard, booties, heels, silk, and graphic tees!  Have fun on your next adventure in some camo!


Hold the Grace

For a gal who dresses the part and (tries to) walk the walk... I am a disaster! There is not an ounce of grace in my body as shown in the photo. My poor friend Rayne agreed to be my photographer and boy did I make her regret that decision... I am basically the worst model ever so any semi decent shots we get usually happen because I am not paying attention... 

On a different note... I love this outfit because it is so simple but quite the statement and I am showing another way to take your coated denim (that cost you a lot for just one season) into spring! I paired my coated Citizens of Humanity from Nordstrom with a mint green blouse from Express and most importantly polished off this look with my beautiful Brian Atwood pewter pumps from Hautelook! 


Show me how you make a first impression!

In the words of Selena Gomez: "Show me how you make a first impression..." The month of March has been crazy and awesome for me! I got transferred to a different Nordstrom store and in a new position! My commute is a bit longer but it is worth it! On a daily basis I am surrounded by merchandise such as Christian Louboutin (swoon), Chanel (I die), Rachel Zoe (bananas), Alexander Mcqueen (OMG).So far I absolutely love it... So naturally I wanted to stand out on my first day so you better believe this is what I wore. My dress AND shoes are Rachel Roy. I kind of am obsessed. This dress is killer, it fits so beautifully and believe it or not, I can last in these kicks all day!

Rachel Roy dress: Nordstrom
Rachel Roy lace up booties: Macy's


Ambush Makeover

In the fashion industry there is no shortage of routes to take when it comes to picking which way you want to go... You can become a buyer, seller, merchandiser, designer, or a stylist to name a few. For me, I have known since I was about 14 that I would become a stylist. There are also many different kinds of stylists. For example I am a stylist for Nordstrom right now and I get to take on clients that are interested in a. being styled by a pro or b. want someone to do their shopping for them. There are also stylists to the stars and then there is my dream kind of styling: What Not to Wear style. I have always admired Stacy and Clinton for not only what they do but WHY they do what they do. For ten years they helped women find a style and "enhance their natural beauty" by giving them head to toe makeovers. I do hair, makeup, and styling so I want to be able to be peoples whole package and the expert they can trust.
Since What Not to Wear is over (RIP) I have turned to the Today Show on Thursdays for their "Plaza Ambush Makeovers." It is essentially the same idea except shrunk from one week to a couple of hours. Which is actually incredible since they color and cut hair, do a full face of makeup and find the perfect dress for each womans body type in just a few hours. It really is extraordinary to see someone go from your average everyday woman to a beaming and confident women by truly just enhancing what we already have!
Click here to see todays ambush makeover from the Today Show on NBC! What an amazing transformation for these friends!


Will you be mine?

Whether you are in a relationship with that special someone or you are about to be in a very serious relationship with Ben and Jerry we think you should enjoy Valentine's Day! So go out, get a new dress or a great pair of shoes, you deserve it! You can even take a great alternate route if you have some extra moola laying around... take yourself or a friend out on a shopping trip! Shop til you drop, go see a funny movie, and get an early dinner on V day... We don't want anybody feeling alone or sad on this holiday! Just in case you are in need of some ideas of what you might need for the big day, here are some great options!


Laser cut out booties
This coat is a must have for our fashion forward fashionistas! And would be a great outfit completer for this look!
Finishing touch... a funky little clutch!



Color Me, Buy Me!

Written by: Madeleine

New research explains how color affects our purchases!

As most of you have figured out, shopping is my ultimate favorite hobby. But when it comes to shopping, new research shows that it is more than browsing items. Color drastically affects our decisions and impulses to buy. Click the image below to read more about it!


Know Your Bra!

Written by: Madeleine

The one piece that is common across all women's wardrobes around the world is the bra. Even though most women wear one everyday, they don't know much about the styles, upkeep, and wear of the bra! I was totally shocked by this when I was rehired at a lingerie store this past fall. I guess because I have been with this company for so long, I thought everyone was educated about the bra! I've created a list below of 5 things that every woman should know about her bra!

1. Always clasp your bra one the loosest hook!
To ensure you get the most wear out of your bra, clasp the hook to the loosest eye. This way the band is not stretched excessively overtime, which can cause distortion to the cups and/or loosen the fitting of the band. It helps the bra retain its shape, so it can provide the proper support.

2. Know your complimentary size!
So you can't find your size or a particular style doesn't work well with your shape? Don't worry! Try your complimentary size! Since cup sizes are proportional to the band, you can find a similar fit to your true size. Simply change your band size and adjust for cup. If you go down a band size, then go up one cup size. Or if you go up a band size, go down a cup size. For example, if you are a 34B, you could also wear a 32C.

3. Try on every style!
Based on your breast shape, different styles like demi, perfect coverage, and push-up will fit you differently. So just because it is your size, doesn't mean it is going to fit correctly. If your breasts are fuller on the bottom, but not the top, opt for a demi style. This way you won't have any gapping in the cup and you will have the correct support. If you are full everywhere (or you've gotten your breasts done), try a perfect coverage; this will ensure you stay in the bra all day without slippage. Push-ups do work for everyone, especially if you need help filling out in some areas. However, sometimes you will have to go up a cup size to adjust for the volume!

4. One to wear, one to wash, one to have.
Every woman needs three basic bras in her wardrobe to start her collection. The idea behind this is that you should have one to wear, one that needs to be washed, and one to have on reserve. These bras should be black or nude, since they are the most versatile. Opposed to contrary belief, nude is the perfect color to wear under white because you won't see the cups of the bra. Sometimes when you wear a white bra under a white shirt, the cups of the bra are emphasized. Once you have the basic three, then you can expand your wardrobe to include more fun colors and styles. (Just be careful! I suddenly have 17 different bras!)

5. Get measured every 6 months!
Just how your weight fluctuates, so does your breast size. That is why you need to get measured frequently!


It's Award Season!

Written by: Madeleine
In Collaboration with: Brittany

Some people love winter because of the frosty air and holiday cheer. Others adore the spring season with all the colors and flowers. But for me, my favorite season has always been award season. It's all about the regal Oscar de la Renta gowns and Marchesa's inspired designs and those vintage Dior dresses. I have always pictured myself as one of the commentators on E! reporting on all the award events, drooling over the couture and getting to be the first to see all the jaw dropping red carpet moments. But until then, here are my favorite looks from the Golden Globes!

Caitlin Fitzgerald in Emilia Wickstead

Kate Beckinsale in Zuhair Murad

Olivia Wilde in Gucci

Lupita Nyong'o in Ralph Lauren

Emma Watson in Dior

The Golden Globes 2014 sported gowns in mostly metallics, reds, and whites, which will all be hot for the spring! Two-tone and color-blocked pieces seemed to make a come-back this season as well. Stay tuned for more spring trends!


Our Top 5 Favorite Products

Written by: Madeleine
In Collaboration with: Brittany

New year, new products! We are always on the lookout for products that are worth your buck; so, we figured we'd share our top products from 2013!

Brittany's Picks:
1) YSL Babydoll Mascara

This unique formula helps separate each lash to create a 24 hour lasting, wide-eyed look! I just use on coat and my lashes stay long, thick, and clump-free all day. (Available at Sephora, $30)

2) Elizabeth and James Nirvana Perfume
Nirvana was just released only a couple months ago and it is Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen's first fragrance. I was lucky enough to receive it as a Christmas gift and I have been wearing it ever since! The Nirvana Black has essence of sandalwood, violet, and vanilla that creates a delicate, sensual balance. (Available at Sephora, $75)

3) DermOrganic

If your hair needs some love after all the heat products you use, try Derm Organic shampoo, conditioner, and oil. Argan oil is used in most of the products to help create a soft and silky look. They even have skincare products as well! (Available online at DermOrganics)

4) Enrorich Gel Insoles

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is how I can wear heels all day long; in this post, I will finally reveal my magic trick… Enrorich gel insoles from Aldo! They are only around $10, but they do wonders for your feet! (Available at Aldo, prices vary)

5) Estee Lauder's Double Wear Light
I was obsessed with full coverage foundation, not because I needed the coverage, but because it seemed to create a more complete look. However, that was until I tried Estee Lauder Double Wear Light. I was always a little opposed to Estee Lauder because I thought the collection was for older women, but I can now firmly say that it is not! It's perfect because it covers, conceals, and evens skin tone, but it's not heavy, looks natural, and lasts all day! (Available at Estee Lauder)

Madeleine's Picks:
1) Urban Decay B6 Spray

All my life I've struggled with acne and discoloration and I have tried so many different products. I happened to stumble across the Urban Decay B6 Spray as a sample from Sephora. I cannot believe that I had never heard of it or even tried it because it has completely changed my skin for the better. It is a vitamin-infused complexion prep spray that helps reduce redness, minimize pores, and absorbs oil. The main ingredient is Vitamin E that provides antioxidants and willow bark that is rich in natural salicylic acid. I use it twice a day after I cleanse my face and it has made such a difference for my complexion. (Available at Urban Decay, $33)

2) Victoria's Secret, VS Perfect Body Smooth Paraffin

Since I work with my hands so much, it is hard to keep them hydrated and moisturized. I've spent so much money trying to find a treatment that actually works. At work, the girls were talking about this ultimate hand treatment cream that we sell. I have to say, I was skeptical about it because nothing has helped my hands. Now it is all I wear and my hands are moisturized and don't crack from dryness anymore! (Only available at Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale)

3) Benefit Erase Paste

When I don't get enough sleep, I get awful bags under my eyes; I would pile on cover-up and foundation to get rid of them, but it never worked. Then Brittany actually turned me on to Benefit' Erase Paste. The unique formula is a cream that has high covering power without looking caky or leaving residue. I even use it on parts of my face that have permeant redness or scaring. (Available at Sephora, $26)

4) Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Polish

I was tired of painting my nails all the time or spending money for manicures, so I invested in a gel kit from Sally Hansen. Even though it was expensive, it was worth it. Now I can have a nice manicure that lasts for about 2 weeks and helps promote nail growth and health! It is at the top of my list for any retail working girl! (Available at Target, $70)

5) Marc Jacobs Beauty, Lovemarc Lip Gel

Ask anyone and they will tell you I am a lipstick fanatic! I have tried so many brands and I have a solid collection. But, Marc Jacobs' lipsticks are by far the best. They don't dry out your lips and don't bleed during the day (with or without liner). I get the best compliments when I wear his line because the colors are so rich. (Available at Sephora, $30)


Taste and Toast of France: Event Re-Cap

Written by: Madeleine

Last night, we were delighted to spend time at the Veterans' Center in Danville, California, exploring and celebrating the vibrant Parisian culture. The Taste and Toast of France invited local merchants and Parisian consignment shops and speciality food shops to create a French ambience to promote small business, fashion, and the exploration of new cultures.
We were lucky enough to be invited to the event to host a live tutorial of different ways to tie a scarf, a classic French accessory. We were shocked and delighted to see such an enthusiastic and positive response from the guests as they twisted and tucked scarves and provoked interesting conversation. Below we've posted our handout from the event!

(Image from bigpinboards.com)

We are also thrilled to announce that we will be back to the City of Danville's event in March for an Irish theme! For more information about the event, visit their site.


Happy Holidays!

From the desk of the contributors of Locks to Louboutins...

Happy New Year, 2014! We hope all of our readers had a wonderful holiday season filled with joy and love! Even though we stayed local this year, we for sure had a special season too! In between the crazy holiday schedule of retail, we found time to enjoy with our family and friends. Brittany spent part of the Christmas season in Disneyland with her boyfriend and pretended she was Cinderella. Madeleine, on the other hand, went sea-side to visit her grandparents in Half Moon Bay.

Apparently, both of us were "nice" this year as Santa spoiled us! We are so excited to share our couture gifts with our readers! Firstly, Brittany received not one… but two pairs of Christian Louboutins pumps! Both pairs are the epitome of Brittany as a fashionista and we are stoked to feature them in a shoot! Maddie was blessed by the fashion gods as well as she received a Marc Jacobs handbag! The simple silhouette of the bag is offset by the black and brown leather combination, making the bag an edgy, yet classic addition to her wardrobe.

We are so excited to bring in the new year with all of you and cannot wait to see what 2014 has in store! As of now, there are some pretty amazing things set up for Locks to Louboutins in this 2014 year… So bring it on!

Madeleine and Brittany