Holiday Sequins

Written by: Madeleine
In Collaboration with: Brittany

As women, there is one thing that will always and without fail capture our attention: SPARKLES. That's one reason why I am so obsessed with this Halogen sequin skirt that I bought from Nordstrom last season. But sometimes full sequined items can be intimidating because it is a hard piece to balance out. However, here are a few simple tricks to bring in that sparkle and shine into your holiday wardrobe!

It's all about the balance. Find a piece that's still bold, but that also compliments the shine. This could be a loud color, like I did here, or different texture. It might be hard to find that perfect piece at first, but it is definitely doable! Usually, jewel tones work with sequins because the color can stand on its own and have some impact.

Secondly, keep it simple. Don't try to add another piece that overwhelms the sequins. This creates too much visual interest and the eye has a hard time focusing on one area. You want people to see an outfit, not a sparkly skirt and a crazy shirt. Pick a silhouette that has clean lines, but not too structural.

Sequins and shine, when done correctly, are appropriate for any occasion. Honestly, it depends on how you style it. For this example, I would wear this outfit to work, for a business meeting, or a dinner. If I paired this skirt with a basic boyfriend tee, I could wear it while hanging out with friends or shopping downtown.

And as always, add a third piece. No matter what you are wearing, the third piece is essential. Here, it is best just to add a necklace because there is a lot going on. Shine on, my fashionistas! Shine on!

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Skirt: Halogen
Top: J. Crew
Shoes: Simply Vera Wang
Pearls: Vintage (from Brittany's grandmother)