Ambush Makeover

In the fashion industry there is no shortage of routes to take when it comes to picking which way you want to go... You can become a buyer, seller, merchandiser, designer, or a stylist to name a few. For me, I have known since I was about 14 that I would become a stylist. There are also many different kinds of stylists. For example I am a stylist for Nordstrom right now and I get to take on clients that are interested in a. being styled by a pro or b. want someone to do their shopping for them. There are also stylists to the stars and then there is my dream kind of styling: What Not to Wear style. I have always admired Stacy and Clinton for not only what they do but WHY they do what they do. For ten years they helped women find a style and "enhance their natural beauty" by giving them head to toe makeovers. I do hair, makeup, and styling so I want to be able to be peoples whole package and the expert they can trust.
Since What Not to Wear is over (RIP) I have turned to the Today Show on Thursdays for their "Plaza Ambush Makeovers." It is essentially the same idea except shrunk from one week to a couple of hours. Which is actually incredible since they color and cut hair, do a full face of makeup and find the perfect dress for each womans body type in just a few hours. It really is extraordinary to see someone go from your average everyday woman to a beaming and confident women by truly just enhancing what we already have!
Click here to see todays ambush makeover from the Today Show on NBC! What an amazing transformation for these friends!